Surround speakers have been used in motion picture theatres since 1940. However, until the introduction of the HPS-4000 sound system there had never been a scientific approach to the actual placement of the surround speakers around an auditorium. Even today, surround speakers are placed around a theatre with little or no regard to their ultimate function, except perhaps that they should be between the light fixtures.

The goal of an array of surround speakers is well defined as an omnipresent and uniform sound field that surrounds the audience. Unfortunately, this virtually never happens. When attending most theatres, today’s audiences are often distracted and even assaulted by the sound from the surround speakers. Most patrons will not feel surrounded as they can localize to the surround speaker they are closest to.

High Performance Stereo was the first to develop reliable formulas for the exact placement of the all important surround speakers. These proprietary formulas work because they relate the radiating patterns of the surround speakers themselves to the actual shape of the individual theatre.

We call it the ALLEN SURROUND ARRAY, and it is something we have become quite proud of. Unheard of coverage uniformity of ± 1/2 dB within the surrounded area is typical. No single speaker localization is noticed, even by those sitting directly underneath a surround speaker. No other motion picture surround system offers this level of performance.

The sound quality of the ALLEN SURROUND ARRAY matches the sound from the screen. This is an exclusive feature with the HPS-4000 installations. Indeed, our competition has publicly stated that they tried and failed to achieve timbre matching between the screen and surround channels.

The ALLEN SURROUND ARRAY formulas have proven so reliable that the speaker locations can be committed to architecture, free from any concern that they might need to be changed in the future. (See picture above).