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Since 1979, High Performance Stereo™ has been the industry leader in motion picture sound systems. Work on the HPS-4000® system began in 1979. The goal was to create a sound system that would deliver all the dynamics and nuances of the analog soundtracks of the day as well as the digital recordings of the future.

Over the years, High Performance Stereo™ has led the industry with an impressive list of “firsts”. Perhaps most importantly, we were the first to develop a wide range stereo playback system for modern cinemas. Before the introduction of the HPS-4000® sound system, no theatre sound system offered a nine octave response.

The first HPS-4000® installation occurred in 1980. It was an immediate success. In fact, attendance at the theatre increased 25 percent in the first year following the sound system’s installation. Indeed, attendance increases at HPS-4000® equipped theatres have ranged form 20 to 300 percent.

Since then, High Performance Stereo™ has introduced most of the the important innovations in cinema loudspeakers and sound systems. HPS® was the first to develop reliable formulas for the exact placement of the all important surround speakers. These proprietary formulas work because they relate the radiating patterns of the surround speakers themselves to the actual shape of the individual theatre. Known as the ALLEN SURROUND ARRAY™, this is something we’ve become quite proud of. Unheard of coverage uniformity of ±1/2 dB within the surrounded area is typical. No single speaker localization is noticed, even by those sitting directly underneath a surround speaker. No other motion picture surround system offers this level of performance.

The sound quality of the ALLEN SURROUND ARRAY™ matches the sound from the screen. This again is exclusive with the HPS-4000® installations. Indeed, one competitor publicly stated that they tried and failed to achieve timbre matching between the screen and surround channels. We did it 34 years ago.

We were also first to computerize theatre sound system designs in 1982, the first to export modern theatre playback systems overseas (also 1982), first to offer modern 3-way speakers to be used behind the screen (1979), the first to offer 4-way screen loudspeakers (1984) and first (and still the only sound company) to install every one of our motion picture sound systems with ALL the dynamic range required for digital stereo (1980)!

High Performance Stereo™ was privileged to be the first to demonstrate digital stereo in a commercial movie theatre in 1984. This was followed with two highly successful, first ever, digital stereo motion picture feature presentations for the public in 1985.

High Performance Stereo™ was the first company to provide the motion picture industry with loudspeakers designed to be placed behind the screen with the beamwidth correction required to overcome the coverage angle distortions and the behind the screen reflections caused by the screen itself. It wasn’t until sixteen years later that another manufacturer acknowledged this problem. This major breakthrough assures exhibitors that the speakers used in HPS-4000® theatres ARE genuine theatre speakers, rather than simple public address systems being marketed to cinemas.

The way HPS-4000® designs begin is fairly simple: Plans or dimensions for each theatre are provided. In return, High Performance Stereo™ supplies the sound system designs, rack layouts, AC power requirements and the precise speaker locations. High Performance Stereo™ supplies the speakers. Other sound equipment is also available if desired. The installer sees to it that each system is installed according to the designs and specifications. When the installations are completed, HPS® performs the final tuning and voicing. At this time, the exhibitor has permission to use the HPS-4000® trailers and logo for advertising. This permission continues without fee as long as the systems are properly maintained. If a system is altered, or the tuning is changed in anyway, permission to use the HPS-4000® name, logo or trailers is immediately suspended, as their continued use under these conditions would be considered a violation of the trademark.

High Performance Stereo™ dealers and customers are responsible for assuring the HPS-4000® sound systems are properly maintained and not tampered with.

The HPS-4000® sound systems are four to eight times as powerful as any other system one is likely to encounter in a motion picture theatre. They are known for their natural sound quality, effortless clarity and breathtaking dynamic range.

Additional details, pictures and the history behind the HPS-4000® innovations can be found in the History section of this web site.